4 Simple Techniques to Manage Your Files Better

4 Simple Techniques to Manage Your Files Better
Written by Madhuri Boinwad

\When it comes to handling your file directory, you would want everything to be organized, clutter-free, and easy to navigate. This way, retrieving files from and storing some in your archive would be much more manageable at a later date. Being able to do so can help you save a lot of time, which can boost your productivity if used correctly.

Despite these excellent benefits, let’s admit that it’s challenging to do. It is significantly more so when you are in the face of numerous documents scattered on your computer. But, it’s not too late to start organizing them today! Start by paying attention to the helpful tips that you will find on this page.

Merge files with similar content

Having many PDFs that are interconnected with one another couldn’t be helped when working. For instance, you may need some documents as references for your thesis. Another example is the countless photos that you include in your presentations and PDF files. These things may stack up to a massive number as time passes, and what you can do is merge PDF

How does merging PDFs work?

As the word merge implies, you are essentially compiling the many PDFs that you have into one single document altogether. Instead of having many files that seem similar in content, why not merge them into one and reduce the number of things that you need to organize further? Try doing this with the Merge PDF tool of PDFBear today.

Merge your PDFs with PDFBear

PDFBear’s Merge PDF tool allows you to organize and combine many files into one flexibly. What makes it a popular choice is that it’s entirely free to use and it can do the job in just a few minutes. With regards to the process, you can expect that all people can merge their files with PDFBear due to its friendly user interface. Go to its website today and do the following steps.

  1. Upload your files to the tool.
  2. PDFBear will merge your file automatically.
  3. You have the ability to organize them, like sorting, which one comes first, and more.
  4. Download your file once you finish.

Merging your files can indeed make searching less tedious and time-consuming. Doing so with PDFBear can increase your productivity more due to its effective PDF merging. Access it anytime and anywhere as long as you are connected to the Internet. PDFBear will be your friend in this regard!

Store these files in a primary folder

Now that you have merged your files, it’s time to organize them in folders. Storing them in a single main folder can ensure that you won’t get lost when finding your documents. We recommend creating a central folder. Inside this folder, you can nest many more folders for categorizing your files.

For instance, you can name your primary folder Documents and then create folders like Year XXXX, and so on for categories. Then, store your merged files inside them. Nesting how many folders is your discretion. You just have to know that providing a clear distinction between them is necessary.

Adopt excellent file naming

Naming your files in a way that it’s easy to remember, sort, and organize would make retrieving your documents much more manageable in the future. You can achieve this by adopting an excellent file naming scheme. For instance, you can name your files in this format: Year-Month-Date-Name.

This way, you can just type a specific date on your local search bar to find your documents. Even if you do not know the exact file name, you can drastically reduce your search scope. Being able to do so can save you time and effort in searching and gaining more time doing other things.

Backup your files regularly

With everything organized and in place, one thing that you should definitely concern yourself about is the possibility of file loss. This thing could happen for a variety of reasons, such as file corruption, malware, disk damage, and many more. If your essential intellectual property gets compromised, you might be in huge trouble.

Backing up your files regularly is one thing you can do to ensure that your files are safe. You can opt for cloud or external drive as long as you achieve the goal of having file duplicates. Keep in mind that syncing your files is essential to avoid conflicts with file versions. This way, you can rest assured that you can always retrieve your documents.


Working and doing things digitally is the norm in today’s society. Handling documents is an everyday occurrence. If you find your file management skills lacking and terrible, you are, without a doubt, on the right page to handle your documents better. Take a seat and follow our tips above. Go see the change in effectively organizing your file directory yourself today!

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