How to Create a Logo Without Knowing Design

How to Create a Logo Without Knowing Design
Written by Ragini Salampure

Do you need a logo, but you don’t know anything about design? Never fear; all it takes is the right tools and some good old-fashioned elbow grease. 

If you are looking for the quick steps on how to create a logo without knowing the design, this article has compiled a list of easy-to-follow to create a logo even if you’re not a designer.

1. Learn to Use Logo Creator Applications

There are several different logo creator applications like Adobe Spark available to help you create a logo, whether it is for your business or personal projects. The application will allow you to create a logo using various fonts, colors, and tools while providing basic and advanced options. The logo creator applications are easy to use and will allow you to create a logo in no time at all.

2. Get Inspired and Understand Your Business

Before you start creating your logo, it is important to understand that designing it is more than just putting an image on the screen. Your logo should represent your brand, so you need to spend a lot of time researching and understanding what you want to present. You must consider your target market, the style of your business, and even its brand image.

3. Write Your Idea Down

Once you have determined what the main features of your logo will be, it is time to start creating. Start by taking a few sheets of paper and jot down all the things you want your logo to represent. Then in a new document, start sketching out different versions of your idea.

You want to play around with your logo and see what different elements look like as part of it. For example, you may like the idea of a tree for the main element of your logo, but it is important to think about how the tree will impact the rest of the design.

4. Teach Yourself about Logo Design

Once you figure out the most important elements of your logo, it is time to get started on creating your final design. The first thing you need to do is learn a little about vector graphics and the different available tools. 

A vector image has been created and edited using vectors instead of raster images. Raster images are created by scanning over an image, which means that every single pixel has to be recreated at some point. There is a lot of detail involved in creating a logo, and it is best to understand how you’ll create the image before you start.

5. Learn about the Right Symbols, Colors, and Fonts

Aside from knowing about vectors and design, you must also choose the right symbols, colors, and fonts for your logo. These are essential features because they will make up a large portion of your design. If you are not sure which elements you want to use, try searching online for different logos of companies that are in your target audience.

6. Create One Final Design

Once you have all the colors, symbols, and fonts in place, you are ready to start designing your logo. You must create one final logo design that you can use for your business or other purposes. Once you have created your final design, save it as a JPEG or SVG file for future use.

Start Designing

Designing your logo can be a fun and rewarding experience, no matter how much or little you know about design. It’s easy to create a logo without knowing the design; with just a little know-how and some practice, you can create your very own professional-looking logo in no time.

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