How to Improve Your Basement Functionality in Denver?

How to Improve Your Basement Functionality in Denver
Written by Aishwarya Gaikwad

A house with a basement is like an “adult hideaway” and is exciting in our modern society. But, there are various points to be aware of due to its peculiarity. The basement is still attractive considering the cost issues and the functions that should be required for the dry area.

Nowadays, many people want to add or improve the basement when remodeling. If you already have a basement, but if you want to add a new basement, it’s pretty challenging to renovate if you don’t meet the conditions. So when constructing Basement remodel and finish, make sure to consider how you can improve your basement functionality carefully.

Humidity control and ensuring sunlight: 

In order to keep the environment of the basement comfortable, it is essential to adjust the humidity and secure the sunlight. The dry area does this.

A dry area is an “empty digging” between the basement and the ground. If you correctly set up a dry area and install windows that can replace air, you can take in sunlight while letting out excess humidity, so you can create a basement that is entirely different from the image of “dark and damp”.

Securing evacuation routes: 

Basically, only the indoor stairs connect the basement and the first floor. However, this is very dangerous because the evacuation route may disappear due to a fire or earthquake. You can also solve this problem by providing a dry area and doors in the basement. It is also essential to provide a staircase in the dry area to reach the ground.

Rainwater countermeasures:

If a dry area is to be provided, rainwater countermeasures are also essential. The basement is literally below the ground, so if you’re considering creating a dry area there, you’ll have to be prepared for the “guerrilla rainstorm,” which has become a hot topic in recent years.

You may have seen the scenery of the subway station being closed on a heavy rainy day in the news. To prevent such a matter from occurring at home, you must raise the railing (concrete) in the dry area to a certain height. Have you ever seen a hazard map of your area or the area where you plan to build a house? You will need to know the expected water level when a flood occurs.

Choose an experienced contractor: 

Since there is not much need for basement remodeling in Denver, the number of contractors who have done basement remodeling in the past is limited. Even more, the basement is a place with unique properties compared to other remodeling parts, so you will likely fail to ask a contractor who has no construction experience. 

It is safe to choose a remodeling company with a wealth of experience as much as possible and make a plan while listening to the problems in the past cases. It is a good idea to choose a vendor with a “defect warranty”. 

Indeed, a defect warranty promises that if something goes wrong after the remodeling, it will be dealt with free of charge. Especially in the case of basements, where there are few cases, there is a difference in security depending on whether or not there is a defect warranty.

Consultation Remarks: 

The basement is a great place to create a quiet space, such as creating a music room or study in the basement. However, in the case of new construction, it will be possible to realize it without problems by planning from the beginning. Still, in the case of an extension or improvement, it will be necessary to consider it. If legally the requirements are met, there is no problem. But, there are doubts about how to do it technically, so you should hire the best basement remodeling contractors in Denver.

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