How to Navigate Living in a Hostel in Vijayawada as an Introvert

How to Navigate Living in a Hostel in Vijayawada as an Introvert
Written by Madhuri Boinwad

Getting admission to one of the top colleges in Vijayawada was definitely a highlight of your life. But now that you’re on the verge of moving there, you can’t help but be worried about it. After all, you’ll have to experience living in a hostel for the first time and all the excitement, celebration and chaos that comes with it. And as an introvert, being constantly surrounded by people and noise can be nerve wracking and draining. So, you’re a little worried about how to make it through your time in a boys pg in Vijayawada. Well, you can stop worrying because we’ve got your back. Whether it’s dealing with sharing your space or how to get some much-needed alone time, we’ve got some tips that will make navigating life in a hostel as an introvert a whole lot easier. Check them out!

Communicate your needs

The first and easiest thing to do if you’re worried about how to survive hostel life in Vijayawada is to communicate your needs to others around you. It’s totally okay to be introverted, and if you share that openly with your roommates, they’ll be able to respect your request. Having a frank conversation with them early on will also prevent any miscommunication in the future and prevent any awkwardness or worse, passive-aggressiveness from building up. Set some boundaries with your roommates and let them know when you really need to be left alone.

Embrace your headphones

The universally recognized symbol for “don’t talk to me,” headphones could end up becoming your best friend while you live in a hostel. Whether you’re in your room, in the dining hall, doing your laundry or even heading out to your classes, chances are that having your headphones on will make people less likely to approach you (or worse, disturb you). And if your headphones are noise-cancelling, you won’t have to worry about the loudness of your surroundings either. Best of all, once you’ve got headphones on, you don’t need to worry about coming across as rude or unfriendly because of your introvertedness. We love a win-win-win.

Hide in public

You probably won’t realise this at first, but there are tonnes of places in your hostel or college campus in Vijayawada where you can stay undisturbed, beyond just your room. From the library to an unused classroom to the dining hall outside mealtimes to various corners and crevices around the campus, there are many ostensibly public places where you’ll be left to your own devices. Finding one or two of these spots for yourself can come in handy for the times when you don’t want to be cooped up in your room, or when your roommate invites friends over.

Know your roommate’s schedule

If you’re sharing a room in your hostel, it can be difficult to find time to stay indoors by yourself. And as an introvert, you might find that a little difficult. But knowing your roommate’s schedule can ensure that you can maximise that precious alone time when it’s available. Swap schedules with your roommates so that you can both know when to expect the other to be in the room. This will also give you a chance to plan your day in such a way that you can soak up some privacy and me-time while your roommate is out and recharge your social interaction batteries.

Plan self-care activities

Living in a hostel as comfortable and inviting as the residences on stanza living( means you can enjoy a healthy balance of community and privacy. But there can be some days where just the idea of living with others can seem draining. That’s why it’s really important to plan some self-care activities that will help you rejuvenate and refresh yourself and ease the strain. This could be through simple acts like going for a walk or lighting a scented candle in your room, or even treating yourself to a movie or a nice meal that you can enjoy on your own. Having self-care activities as a part of your routine will take some of the pressure off living in the hostel and will help you feel a lot less stressed.

So, there you have it. Hostel living isn’t the end of the world even if you are an introvert. In fact, you might even grow to like it. As long as you’re able to find some time for yourself to recharge, leaving your comfort zone by living in a hostel in Vijayawada could be a great way for you to learn and grow as a person. So, go ahead and give it a try!

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