Important Things to Know About Breitling

Important Things to Know About Breitling
Written by Madhuri Boinwad

Watch fans have great respect for the great “Winged B” logo. Primarily because it is a symbol of unparalleled accuracy, outstanding technology, impressive aesthetics, and awe-inspiring craftsmanship. It is because of the defining characteristics mentioned that Breitling has become one of the most admired and sought-after luxury watch brands by most watch fans. 

Breitling has many innovations that contributed to the development of the watchmaking industry. In 1923, they released models with an independent chronograph pusher, a deviation from the winding crown. In 1934, they introduced the second pusher carrying the function of resetting the stopwatch to zero. These two innovations are considered ground-breaking. 

The beginning of a legacy: Leon Breitling’s workmanship

Breitling derived its name from its founder Leon Breitling who established it in 1884 in the Swiss Jura Mountains. The debut of the brand is massively historic, as it is right after the first successful flight in world history. This significant event explains why the logo has wings and why the brand has a deep relationship with the aviation industry. 

Just like any other person during his time, Leon was enchanted by speed and racing. This became his inspiration for his passion for crafting the best stopwatch there is in the market. He dedicated a lot of his years to this world, ensuring that his vision came to life. Since then, he has specialized in manufacturing chronographs of top-notch quality and durability. 

The iconic collections of Breitling: An epitome of superb technology and great aesthetics

Quickly after Breitling’s inception, it became one of the few independent companies to dominate the Swiss watchmaking industry. It made a name for itself as one of the most reliable brands producing models that perfectly functions in the land, water, and air. Here are the iconic collections of the brand, which cater to the diverse taste and lifestyle of consumers. 

Breitling Navitimer

This watch is the most famous Breitling piece in the aviation scene. The name Navitimer emphasizes its great feature of navigation and timer. With its outstanding chronograph technology, timing becomes hassle-free along with speed distance and fuel consumption calculation. This series holds hands-down one of the most convenient aviation watches. 

They have many iconic timepieces from this series. For instance, fashion enthusiasts admire the A2432212/C651/101X/A20BA.1 model because of its unique bright blue color that perfectly fits its silver case. There is also the AB0311211G1P1 model, which is a classic silver case on a black leather band watch which has the most admirable and intricate details on its dial. 

Breitling Superocean 

Professional divers are the target of this series, as expressed by its name. Breitling released it in 2007 to pay homage to the famous Superocean Heritage, which they released in 1950. At present, the family line of this series has grown as it includes the Superocean 42, Superocean 44, Superocean Chronograph M2000, Superocean Chronograph II, and many more. 

One of their most popular models is the A10370121B1X2, the series’ take on the black leather watch, which merged the vintage feel of the leather band and the modern aesthetic of the case. The U103701A1Q1W1 model is equally loved by many fans, mainly because of its unique and appealing visual as it uses warm colors that make it a sure eye-catcher and head-turner. 

Breitling Bentley

This series is perfect for watch enthusiasts who happen to be car fans as well. This is a collaboration between Breitling watches and the famous British car manufacturer Bentley. They started their partnership in 2002, and since then, has become one of the most legendary luxury collaborations. They gave rise to the famous Bentley Motors, Bentley Barnato, etc. 

The EB043335-BD78 model is probably the most famous in the collection. The watch is not just notable for its bulky structure but also the intricate details on the dial. The AB0521U0/A755 model is another impressive watch. Fans love the fact that it has a very bright silver exterior and a matching white dial, making it very pleasing and serene to the eyes. 

More collections from Breitling 

Aside from the series mentioned above, Breitling also has the Chronomat series, which is known as the brand’s classic, the Avenger collection known for its large build, robustness, and shock-resistance, and the Transocean, following the footstep of its mother series Breitling Navitimer, as one of the most iconic and impressive aviation timepieces in the whole industry. 


Breitling has worked so hard to be where it is today. One can easily say that they deserve their position in the watchmaking industry as one of the pioneer innovators and legendary forerunners of style and precision. Breitling has a lot to offer; browse on to find out more about the watch of your dreams which you can have.

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