What are the advantages of opting for a coworking space over a traditional office

What are the advantages of opting for a coworking space over a traditional office
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What is a co-working space?

A co-working space is a shared office space between a group of individuals, entrepreneurs, or companies. Traditional big office spaces are a thing of the past, developing an office in a co-working space is a new norm. Many big MNCs are shifting their focus from big traditional offices to co-working spaces.

A co-working space brings with it a lot of advantages. iKeva lists down a few advantages which we think are beneficial for an individual or a company. 

Lease – Real Estate Efficiency

While investing in an office space, a lot of companies, entrepreneurs, and freelancers face the problem of inflexible agreements, long lease agreements, hefty deposit amounts, and overpaying for unutilized space. If you still decide to lease an office, you should lease a premium office space like the ones Bishop Ranch provide. Co-working spaces provide plug-and-play office spaces that require no capital investments and no lease. Rent out your office space according to your needs. Book a desk for a day, or ten days, or book a private office for months, shared office spaces give you remarkably flexible deals. 

Networking Opportunities

At a coworking space in Mumbai, you meet a community of like-minded professionals from different fields of work. Co-working spaces act as an encyclopedia of knowledge, ideas, experiences of people from various fields of work all working under the same roof. Individuals can exploit this opportunity to collaborate with individuals of mutual interest and expand their professional circle.  

Increased Productivity

This is perhaps the most important benefit of coworking or shared office space. Working in an environment that stresses the importance of networking with like-minded professionals and shared values is motivational and inspiring to many individuals. This boosts morale and enhances your productivity. Working around other like-minded professionals, each having their own unique talent and experience, exposes you to a wide range of knowledge that helps you analyze and make progressive decisions. If you are facing a mental block to a certain problem, you have enough people to consult within the space in a coworking space in Mumbai . All these factors lead to enhanced productivity and minimal time wastage. 

Enhances Work-Life Balance

With the pandemic changing our work life to work from home, maintaining a work-life balance is a struggle for many. One of the most important benefits of working in a coworking space is that it helps keep your work and personal life separate. A shared office space helps you to adhere to an efficient work schedule by providing a creative and productive work atmosphere. A freelancer or a small company that previously struggled to get their own office space due to the long-term lease agreements and hefty deposit fees can now invest in a plug-and-play workspace as and when required. Coworking spaces give the freelancer or the company a lot of flexibility in office spaces and work hours. 

Communal Environment

Working in a coworking space, you become a part of a community of like-minded people. This type of office environment makes the workplace more enjoyable and productive. Monthly, or weekly events at the coworking space help you bond with different individuals and grow your professional network. This opens up opportunities for new collaborations, projects, and helps you grow as an individual. Moreover, different seminars, events, and lectures increase your work knowledge.  

Equipped Offices 

Setting up a new office space is not easy. It requires huge investments such as an investment in the office space, interiors, furniture, equipment, and day-to-day cleaning staff and receptionist. Moreover, the property taxes, electricity bills, and internet bills will skyrocket your budget. One of the main advantages of shared office space is that the cost of all these overheads is NIL. iKeva provides you with high-quality equipment, trained housekeeping, and front desk staff, and high-speed internet. So just rent out a desk or a few cabins according to your requirement and sit back and relax and we’d take care of all these additional overheads. 

To book an office space and to know more about how coworking spaces can help you and your business grow, contact iKeva today. 

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